anna glasbrook

portfolio | Blok

A bold eye catching range, the Glow Blok radiates colour as if lit from within. These simple forms, contained within a glass frame, create brightness and mood through the use of innovative technique and material. The abstract, graphic designs are inspired by Japanese Zen gardens or the rivulets on a beach.

GLOW BLOK uses a live-edge translucent material that captures the light and transfers it to the edges, stitched through with looped neon ribbon. It’s hard to believe there isn’t an integral light source, as even the stitch holes glow, providing a strong statement for any interior

ARIA BLOK uses twisting coils of vibrant ribbon to create a striking, vibrant three-dimensional ‘drawing’ in space, the flowing lines of stitching inspired by seaweed floating on the surface of rock pools.

Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 10cm. Sold individually, or as building blocks by the square metre to create installations and stacks, making them suitable for space dividers, reception desks or feature panels.

Anna Glasbrook - Blok - image 319